Who We Serve

Your needs are specific to your business, and our team has the diverse experience necessary to fulfill them. At Brown Nelms, we have served clients in a variety of industries since 1983.


The construction industry faces constant challenges, such as meeting unique accounting and reporting requirements, understanding licensing and bonding, and work in process allocations. The Brown Nelms team can help you manage your specific accounting needs as well as look for new opportunities for financial improvement. We can build a customized financial solution that will support your company's goals to remain profitable and protected.


We work hard to stay informed on the latest changes and updates mandated by the Department of Labor, the Social Security Administration, and ERISA. The Brown Nelms team can identify compliance issues before they become truly problematic. We will make the process comfortable and quick so your company can remain on track and focused.

Logistics and Transportation

With constant regulations, the logistics and transportation industry is faced with considerable challenges to profitability. We will help you manage your finances so you can pursue opportunities for growth. Our team can build a customized plan that fits your needs and improves your financial position.


The manufacturing sector is constantly being pushed to improve speed and quality. The pressures in this industry can be overwhelming. Our team will look vigilantly for opportunities to improve your financial standing so you can focus on maximizing your productivity.

Nonprofit Organizations

Your company's finances play an important role in helping you support your cause. Through Brown Nelms, your nonprofit can have a strong financial foundation that allows you to focus on your cause. We will always go above and beyond to save you money and maximize your efforts. 

Professional Services

Since you are busy serving your clients, you need proactive and fast solutions to keep your finances on track. Our team will work with you to create a financial plan that focuses on your long-term goals. You can keep your attention on your clients and know your future growth is secure in our hands.

Real Estate

Real estate can be an extremely lucrative business when your finances are managed properly. Our team can help you understand the tax and cashflow impact of your project, calculate the internal rate of return, and even arrange a cost segregation study.

Wholesale Distribution

The wholesale distribution sector is highly competitive. You have to find ways to manage your inventory, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency, all while maintaining high standards of quality. Brown Nelms can help optimize your company with detailed financial reporting and analysis. Our team will listen to your goals and provide clear advice on the best route to reach them. 

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