We had some serious office competition from the Georgia vs. Alabama game this week! Team members wore their pick of the winning team to work and got together for a picture. Fast forward to the afternoon, the rivalry between Eric and other team members was heating up. For those of you who don’t know, Eric was a graduate of the University of Alabama. He was very confident they would win the National Championship. Our Bulldog fans had a very different opinion.

Most teammates stayed up to watch the game until midnight so there were a lot of yawns on Tuesday morning! Our Georgia fans came in and were still hyped up about the final score. This is really when the office competition began…see below for pictures of the payback! Eric had a surprise waiting for him when he returned from a meeting. He could hear him laughing from down the hallway.

All in all, we enjoyed a little friendly office competition. Georgia pulled through for the win and we celebrated with some balloons, streamers, and a prank on one of the Partners. We are already looking forward to football season to return! Now that the festivities are over…back to work for tax season deadlines. It was fun while it lasted.

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