Merry Christmas from Brown Nelms! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season this year! It always goes by so quickly, but we were able to appreciate spending time with friends and family during our time off- from buying gifts to sipping peppermint flavored drinks. Curious as to what we were up to before the break? Check out more below!

We hosted our annual Christmas party at Flat Creek Country Club. We ate, enjoyed games, prizes, and delicious dessert with some coffee. The guys were able to play a round of virtual golf while the ladies got together and discussed their Christmas plans. We ended the celebration with a secret Santa gift exchange and some pictures by the tree. Who do you think was the most photogenic out of the Partners?

In addition, staff members participated in a door decorating contest. They chose a theme and brought in materials to make their office a bit more festive! We have some really creative team mates. We all gathered in the conference room to vote on who we thought had the best door. Our first place winner was Kim with her Snoopy decorated door. We can’t wait to make this a new tradition between our coworkers. We are already thinking about ideas for next year.

Also, we participated in an Ugly Sweater contest where Eric took the prize after a close vote. We enjoyed laughing at everyone’s hideous…we mean stylish attire choices! Some of the sweaters were homemade-Mandy’s was our favorite. We had a blast teasing each other the entire day. We look forward to this time of year so we can spend quality time together and prepare for the upcoming tax season and shouting Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!