Check out our most recent event, the Joseph Sams School sporting clay tournament! Members from Brown Nelms participated in this fundraising event on Friday, October 1. Want to know more about how it went? See below!

Joseph Sams School is a private, non-profit educational center designed to serve children with disabilities in Fayetteville, GA. In addition to training and speech therapy, it offers consultative services to similar developing programs. Due to Joseph Sams School’s uniqueness, families travel up to 60 miles to attend because of the lack of comparable services in the area. It’s such a blessing that we have this opportunity right in our back yard!

Staff members from tax, audit, and marketing departments met at Big Red Oak Plantation to kick off the event. They ate breakfast, watched a safety briefing, then were off on the golf cart to get the day going. They were eager to begin shooting.

The tournament began with a BANG! Sam started off the shooting, followed by Mattison, Chris, and Esther. They kept score to keep up with who was winning. Our highest score was claimed by Sam! It was impressive to watch. After they shot 100 rounds, they headed back to eat some lunch, network, then head home to rest. We are grateful we were able to be apart of this event.

For more information about Joseph Sams School, please see here.

Joseph Sams School Sporting Clay Tournament Joseph Sams School Sporting Clay Tournament